The Greensuit is not yet a reality. One of the prime purposes of this website is to change that. People who are interested in mechanisms love the refrigerator light. A simple switch at the door hinge turns the light on whenever someone opens it. Thus, whenever someone needs light in the refrigerator . . . it's there. But when no light is needed . . . no light is burned. This is a model of efficiancy. Abstracting from this principle, if a person were to wear a special suit (sort of like a wetsuit) that kept him warm . . . then he could be comfortable in his house even if everything he touched was covered with frost. All that extra energy required to keep the entire house at 72 degrees would not be wasted. The same idea applies in hot weather. If his suit is able to keep him comfortable, the rest of the house could be left at 110 degrees.

Obviously each person would need a spare greensuit in case of a serious problem with his primary suit. These suits would probably be green because (at least at first) they would use chlorophyl or a chlorophyl mimic to convert sunlight into chemical energy. Thus, I imagine that most greensuits would be "alive" like a plant. A fair portion of the chemical energy would be needed to maintain the health and appearance of the suit. Many people don't get outside much. So,Especialy during extreme temperatures, the suit's stored solar energy would not be sufficient to properly heat or cool the owner. Therefore, I believe all greensuits will incorporate one or more fuel-cells.

Back to the refrigerator light. Rather than light the entire house or office, why not just have a head band on your greensuit provide light to wherever you look? The energy savings are dramatic.

Now it's your turn. I'm no whiz at chemistry. I'm especially ignorant of organic chemistry . . . which seems to be the primary requirement for developing the greensuit idea. How do we go about designing and building a greensuit? Hopefully, I'll soon have this website changed over to a Wiki type. Then you'll be able to post suggestions and ideas.